Best Private Dining Experience in San Diego

Experience Italy like never before with Allegro’s private dining experience made to take you to the heart of Italy where you will bask in our world famous Italian hospitality! 

If you are looking to host a private event for a memorable night while surrounded in an ambiance reminiscent of Italian coastal living, then our Lemon Garden Patio is the perfect space for you. Our beautiful Tuscan environment will envelop you and your company in a carefree dining experience chocked in unmatched harmony and vibrancy.

Our 15-foot vintage wooden doors will pave the way to the enchanting nature of our Lemon Garden Patio, which will be draped in velvet, gold, marble, ceramic tiles, with couture fire pits adorning this magical room to give you a truly unforgettable escape. 

In addition to all of this, our delicious cocktails and perfectly curated palette-cleansing wine menu will surely have you on the edge of your seat. 

If our Lemon Garden Patio isn’t the right atmosphere you are looking for, then choose from our other three beautiful sceneries. The Amalfi, The Lounge, and The Sicilia, with each offering its own unique vibe and atmosphere that will fit any occasion! 

From bachelor parties to birthday celebrations, Allegro has it all covered and will surely provide you with an unforgettable night that will create lasting memories for you, and your group! Experience Italy like never before and dine at Allegro.