Monday’s Just Got a Whole Lot Better With Our Truffle Extravaganza!

Monday’s just got a whole lot better with our truffle extravaganza! imported from Umbria, our truffles are delivered fresh from the very heart of Italy. For a limited time only, you can experience the intoxicating flavors of one of the world’s finest ingredients paired with the best Italian food in San Diego. The menu starts with a harvest salad that fires up your tastebuds, then transitions to four truffle inspired entrees, the Truffle Burrata, Truffle Pappardelle, Ricotta Gnocchi topped with fresh shaved truffles, a Bison Filet topped with fresh shaved truffles, and finally, an elegant dessert of the day, chosen by the chef himself. This dinner is a delight to the senses and will have you reminiscing for weeks to come!